QUANT is a cutting-edge, full-service consultancy dedicated to reinventing how properties and sponsors identify, value and monetize corporate partnerships. For too long, sponsorship decision-making has relied on outmoded, inaccurate and ultimately insufficient measurement tools. Sponsorship needs a better paradigm, one that adapts to new technologies, assets, forms of media and the changing tastes, behaviors and attitudes of new generations of consumers. 

By applying modern data science to traditional sponsorship measurement through forward-thinking tools like our proprietary BRAiNTM learning algorithm and Sponsorship Pricing IndexTM, our methodology provides simple solutions to the complex challenges faced by properties and sponsors in order to better prepare them for the future. We are rethinking sponsorship.

The world's first sponsorship learning algorithm, engineered to replicate how a valuation analyst thinks about corporate sponsorship. By converting qualitative inputs into simple coefficients, our BRAiNTM algorithm finds value where other methodologies can't. This allows us to measure, monitor and forecast the true value of sponsorship rights for properties and sponsors. 

Sponsorship Pricing IndexTM

QUANT's proprietary, one-of-a-kind tool that measures the economy of corporate sponsorship. The SPITM identifies current and future asset value based on historical market performance, providing the most reliable measurement available for what sponsorship agreements are truly worth in today's marketplace.


QUANT has unparalleled experience in every sector of the sponsorship industry. Our services include sponsorship asset valuation, package development, prospect targeting, sales, servicing and auditing. Contact us today to learn more about how QUANT can support your sponsorship program. 


As a forward-thinking brand, QUANT is committed to the democratization of the agency world. We have structured our company so that we can work with anyone, anywhere. We are also adamant about sharing our success through collaboration rather than competition. We believe these and other virtues help us stand apart from other agencies. Click below to learn more.