QUANT's executives have a lifetime of expertise in developing, selling and executing corporate partnerships in every sector of the sponsorship industry. Our proprietary tools can help properties and sponsors optimize value through any type of corporate sponsorship program. Our experience includes:


QUANT has unparalleled experience consulting with rightsholders to develop sponsorship packaging, pricing and implementation strategies.

Services for properties include sponsorship asset identification and valuation, package development, prospect targeting and execution.

Our goal is to help our clients effectively communicate what makes their opportunities valuable in order to make the case for investment and get deals closed faster.


For properties and sponsors, regular audits are a best practice to ensure both parties maximize value. 

QUANT provides contract risk assessments ranging from unrelated business income tax (UBIT) valuations to sponsor audits. 

QUANT leverages its proprietary BRAiNTM  algorithm to provide accurate reporting for government agencies, properties, sponsors and other internal and external audiences.


We believe the challenges with higher education sponsorship programs are so unique, we dedicated an entire segment of our business to them. 

QUANT helps colleges and universities of all sizes create holistic, integrated partnership platforms that can include but extend far beyond athletics. 

Our approach creates a system of shared governance, assets and revenues, drawing from our extensive experience working in-house for top-tier research institutions and externally with colleges, universities and their systems. 


Selling sponsorship requires effective storytelling. 

The sponsorship industry is highly influenced by emerging categories and novice brands that move money around quickly. Otherwise, most new programs have to attract investment away from other sponsorship sellers. 

Our job is to make a compelling case for investment, validating long-term potential using the unique, one-of-a-kind strategies we develop for our clients.

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